Making Government Services Available again through Rebuilding Public Institutions - one Infrastructure Project at a Time

Bandiradlay district admin office construction.jpg

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU), under the federal Ministry of Finance for Somalia, has contracted two local companies for the construction of the District Administration Office and annexed District Courthouse for the Bandiradlay District (Galmudug State) and the District Administration Office in North Galkayo (Puntland State). Both constructions are part of the ‘Pilot Project to Strengthen Service Delivery Through Federal Government Systems in Federal Member States and Interim Regional Administrations', under the UN's Multi-Partner Trust Fund National Window.

The objective of the project is to enable the Federal Government of Somalia to independently deliver tangible services to its citizens by developing its capacity to conduct community consultations, design, manage, and implement small scale infrastructure projects. Testing the use of national systems to channel the funds is one of the main objectives of this project in order to build the capacity of the Government to effectively manage funds and to pave the way for other donors to use its systems.

After prolonged civil war that had a damaging impact on infrastructure and crucial public facilities in Bandiradlay, the PIU project aims to support (re)construction of new and damaged infrastructure for local service delivery in target areas in Somalia. Through establishing the first District Administration Office for Bandiradlay, the local population will see a government present on the ground, making an impact through the delivery of much needed public services.

Construction Site of the District Administration Office in North Galkayo. Credit: Project Information Unit Photo

Construction Site of the District Administration Office in North Galkayo. Credit: Project Information Unit Photo

Officials from Galmudug and Puntland states, local women groups, elders, business groups and youth welcomed the Deputy Minister of Finance, H.E. Abdullahi Sheikh Ali and the SSF-LD team in Bandiradlay and North Galkayo from 20-22 November to launch the two sub-projects in Bandiradlay and North Galkayo. The launches were exciting events for the local communities as they have been involved from the consultation stage, where projects were prioritised for implementation, and now get the chance to see the projects taking shape. The opportunity given to local communities to prioritise projects based on their needs has given them a sense of ownership.

“Construction of this District Administration Office with annexed Courthouse is an investment in ourselves and the services it will deliver will contribute to our future”, said one of Bandiradlay’s youth leaders that attended the consultations.

For further updates and information on the PIU’s work, visit their Website or their Facebook page.

The Pilot Project to Strengthen Service Delivery is funded through the National Window of the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF), with support from the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).