Thank you, Germany!

Germany is our latest partner to join the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) family in early 2016 and we are excited to announce their additional contribution to our fund.

Last week, Germany signed with us additional commitments of EUR 3 million (around USD 3.2 million) to support the joint programme on Support to Emerging Federal States (StEFS) and the joint programme on UN Enablers.

The StEFS programme provides essential support to the new and existing Federal Member States of Somalia in establishing local governance and providing service delivery to its citizens. This is a vital contribution to the Somali state formation process and is directly conducive to the Peace and Statebuilding Goal 1 on Inclusive Politics – one of the five Peace and Statebuilding Goals under the New Deal Somali Compact.

The UN Enablers programme provides services to the UN family and International Community in Somalia, e.g. through security services, coordination, risk management and gender mainstreaming. This allows the UN in Somalia and the International community to engage across Somalia in a safer, better coordinated, gender-balanced and risk-informed manner to support Somalia’s transition.

We are grateful to have Germany support these initiatives, which brings its total contribution to the MPTF to EUR 7.7 million (around USD 8.3 million) for 2016, and we hope to continue an equally fruitful partnership in 2017.