Mogadishu hosts Pre-Event to the London Conference


Horuscod! event offers the Somali public an opportunity to discuss the London Somalia Conference objectives and themes

This pre-event, held in Mogadishu on 2 May, allowed for consultations with a wide range of Somali actors not attending the Conference. Participants used the event to convey their messages to Federal Government of Somalia, UK and UN decision makers in an interactive and informal manner.



  1. Facilitate discussions and collect views on issues related to the objectives of the London Somalia Conference from a wide group of Somali actors.
  2. Provide information to the general public on the London Somalia Conference and international support to Somalia.
  3. Facilitate an open and creative space for discussion and informal exchange on the priorities for Somalia over the coming years.



152 people (including civil society organisations, private sector, women and youth groups, advocates for human rights and disabilities, and media) joined the pre-event from Puntland, Galmudug, South West State, Hirshabelle, Benadir and Jubbaland on 2 May. They made contributions through post-panel discussions or in the Visioning Corner, where people could take their photos with written statements or record their message via video.

In addition, Federal Ministers, Ambassadors and Foreign Representatives from the UK, Finland, Sweden, and Kenya, as well as IGAD and UN senior leadership engaged in the discussions. The Somalia NGO Consortium (which has Observer status at the London Somalia Conference plenary sessions) was also represented.



The booklet that was produced (download on the right side) sets out the key messages and themes from the pre-event consultation. It offers decision makers an insight into the priorities and concerns of civil society, women, youth, diaspora, national and international NGOs, private sector and media.

Click here to download the full booklet.