Durable Solutions Initiative

Photo Credits: UNSOM/Tobin Jones

Photo Credits: UNSOM/Tobin Jones

In Somalia, around 1.1 million men, women and children live in protracted displacement and an estimated 1 million people have been displaced in 2017 due to drought that is still gripping the whole country. In addition, around 1 million Somalis are registered as refugees in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region.

Fleeing from insecurity and loss of livelihoods due to climatic shocks, the lack of job opportunities and the absence of services, those who reach urban areas put an increased pressure on host communities and the already limited resources that are available. As the population density and demographic/ethnic profile of Somalia’s urban populations is changing rapidly, there is also an increasing risk of localised conflicts and social exclusion in these fast-growing areas.

Somalia’s peace and development trajectory is closely linked to resolving the longstanding challenge of displacement and finding durable solutions for the hundreds of thousands of Somalis affected. As a result, working towards durable and sustainable solutions for all affected by displacement has become a key priority for Somalia, which is reflected in Somalia’s National Development Plan (NDP).

To address this issue, the Federal Government and the UN Somalia, through the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator (DSRSG/RC/HC), have been spearheading the Durable Solutions Initiative (DSI) since 2016, together with the World Bank, NGOs, and the international community.


What is the Durable Solutions Initiative?

Led by the Government, the DSI is a collective framework aligned to the National Development Plan and aims to design, fund and implement durable solutions in a coherent and coordinated way.  It is also meant to collectively guide approaches and programming on durable solutions, and to support the capacity of government at federal, state and local levels to provide durable solutions for the internally displaced, returning refugees and their host communities.

The DSI embodies an important mindset shift in the way durable solutions are approached in Somalia and for the first time takes into consideration everyone that is affected by displacement, including host communities, which have previously been ignored. With this new comprehensive mindset, the initiative fosters collaboration between humanitarian, development and state/peace -building actors.

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