About Us

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) Somalia consists of the 23 UN agencies, funds, programmes and organisations that operate in Somalia and come together under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator for Somalia, Peter de Clercq. 

The UNCT Somalia works together to support the Somali government to achieve its priorities as it builds a peaceful and stable nation where its citizens participate in all decision making processes. The UN uses a coordinated One-UN approach towards development, humanitarian and peacebuilding efforts and works in partnership with Somali citizens, authorities and donors.

Our work in Somalia is guided by the UN Strategic Framework (UNSF) which assists the government with the implementation of its National Development Plan (NDP). As the process of the development of the ninth NDP takes shape, the government will structure their priorities around the following roadmaps: security, social development, economic development, inclusive politics and natural resource management. The NDP 2020-24 will focus on harmonising relationships between federal institutions and Federal Member States, developing durable solutions for Somalia’s internally displaced and highlighting disaster and risk management structures. UNSF has five strategic priorities that are harmonised with the priorities of the Somali government.

Our interventions cover all of Somalia, with permanent offices in more than ten locations across the country, and a constant outlook for expanding our presence to deliver to areas and people most in need. We strive to develop sustainable solutions that ensure safety networks to guard against shocks and mitigate risk. More than 1600 UN staff currently live and work in Somalia.




Twenty-three UN agencies are part of the UN Country Team for Somalia. Together with the UN Assistance Mission (UNSOM), and the UN Support Office for Somalia (UNSOS), they form the UN in Somalia family and represent the largest aid footprint in Somalia.